This tea is designed to heal broken bones, sprains, fractures and even ease the pains of arthritis. Take this tea internally to help 'feed' the body back to health.

Take 1 teaspoon or more and add to Tea Ball, place in cup of boiling water and let steep 5-8 minutes, add sweetener and drink. 

Everyone is different, therefore desired results achieved depends on your body. 

This tea can also be used as a poultice and applied directly to the affected(broken, sprain, etc) area. Cover with plastic wrap and a bandage and let set over night, use every day until desired results are achieved.

Ingredients: White Oak, Marshmallow Root, Common Mullein, Wormwood, Lobelia, Skullcap, Comfrey Leaf, Black Walnut Leaf. 

Internal Rebuilding Tea

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