Hot Sauce Gift Box contains 4 of our hotter to hottest sauces.

Cajun Girl Louisiana Style:

Bring your Cajun girl to the table whenever you want to release a festival of flavor on your tongue. She's spicy, fiery and fun to have around. Shake her on gumbo, shrimp, boudin, oysters and red beans and rice. Cajun Girl brings "Joie de vivre" the joy of living, to the

Perky Pepper Chipotle Hot Sauce:

Enhance your favorite foods with a flavor that includes a little bit of mustard and lots of Texas charm. Perk up your peppers with a touch of heat from the "Chili Queen".

Hell's Passion Habanero Hot Sauce:

Passion: "emotion of burning intensity"
Hell: "any extremely "
Don't go through Hell trying to satisfy your taste bud's passion. We've already done that, for you. Hell's P, creating a flavor burning emotion. Contains habanero.

USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION: May cause an endorphin overload!

Devil's Lightning Bhut Jolokia Ghost Peer Hot Sauce:

Ever hold your tongue to a metal pole during a lightning storm? That would be ? Yet, you're about to place a drop of Devil's Lightning on your tongue. Well, hold tight, because a bolt will shoot through your body like the Devil's rushing through you! USE WISELY! Contains: BHUT JOLOKIA PEPPERS's hottest pepper, Rated at over 1,000,000 Scovals.

Hot Sauce Gift Box 4 Pack - Hot

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